Tomac is Authorised Distributor for GENTOS® in Malaysia


Gentos, a Japanese major illumination tools company which always produce the most innovative lighting tools and equipment for either household or industrial usage. Over 40 years, Gentos has been internationally recognized as a pioneer in the design and manufacturer of professional-caliber lighting products and proudly combines award-winning style with top-notch performance.


At TOMAC Malaysia, we as authorised distributor for GENTOS brand in Malaysia aimed to provides a wide choice of professional tools for garages, electro-technical workshops, plumbers, carpenters, blacksmiths, craftsmen, maintenance workers, mechanics, tire dealers, electricians and other professionals. Any of the professionals will have a chance to use GENTOS illumination tools.

From the industrial professional to the household consumer, Gentos is committed to customer satisfaction and innovation. 


With GENTOS professional team passionate about the usage of the product, they want to make the products Simple & Cool in design. Every flashlight body designed with the concept of strong and beautiful. Streamlined design with no excess, fits naturally into user hand. GENTOS also emphasize on Quality Testing. They run several testing before they introduce the products to the market such as: Light Output Lumens Test, Run Time Test, Beam Intensity/Distance Test, Water Resistant Test, Impact Resistant Test and Dust Proof Test. GENTOS Innovation Headlights feature are intimate such as light and motion sensor which bring convenient to user with a busy hand.

Motion Sensor


With the sensor switch mode on, just wave your hand in front of the sensor to turn the light on and off. No need to touch the switch, convenient when your hand are dirty or when wearing gloves which makes it difficult to push the switch. Just a click to activate the sensor switch mode and choose between 3 brightness levels – high, mid and eco.

Light Sensor


The inbuilt automatic light adjuster (auto dimmer) detects the brightness of the surroundings and immediately adjusts the light level with smooth gradation. It instantly sets the optimal light level to suit the line of sight. This is an incredibly useful features for people working indoors and outdoors who look frequently at close and far away objects.