Tool Personalization

Accountability is quintessential in every operations in every industry. The impact of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) results in a chain of un-favoring consequences as it has become and unavoidable aspect. The way we achieve a higher level of control on FOD this is by providing methods of identifying your equipment and further developing the responsibility within the organization with our personalization services. We are able Engrave anything on anything for the Ultimate Personalization.

Bespoke Tool Foam System

Coordination is the key element to productivity. The way we establish this is by organizing your tooling and equipment in a well ordered manner and increasing productivity and safety in your operations with our Bespoke Tool Foam System. Design your personal space according to your tool set to achieve the obvious gain of time.

“Increase effective time daily with instant access to you tools with immediate identification of missing tools with our dual color system.”

Design your organizer now

Design your organizer now

Free Site Survey & Consultation

Driven by the challenges any industry face everyday, we provide free site survey, consultation and troubleshooting services on site. We are committed to work with any operations and understanding the challenges, subsequently providing a fitting solution. Maximizing productivity and effectiveness of any operations with the best possible solution.


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Extended Warranty

The development and growth of your organization is our priority. We take this very seriously hence we devote our efforts to provide a worry-free ownership on our tools and equipment. Own assets with a piece of mind with our extended warranty program.

“Reassuring our faith in our products and services to you”


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Service and Warranty Program

Fulfilling our commitment to you with worry-free ownership, we extend our services to the after sales with our Long Term Service Agreement Plan. To reduce down time is to increase effective time on the job and making sure your equipment is always working at its required specification is our number one priority.

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Workshop & Storage Management

Every square foot of any facility is an asset. The way we maximize the space available now, is by making sure every item has a place and the right place. We are able to design a solution with the highest quality and standard; creating an innovative workspace and storage facility that will ensure increase in productivity in workforces and adapt to operation growth.

Realize your space saving today.

Realize your space saving today.

Tethering Solutions

Falling tools caused a great number of accidents with consequences affecting both the health and productivity of any operator. The way we overcome this is by providing tethering solutions. With our tethering services, operator can work safely at height. We can eliminate risk, improve productivity, reduce cost, reduce down time and increasing the safety factor in all working environment.


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Bolting Solutions

Efficiency and productivity is a quintessential standard for any maintenance operations. We understand the disassembly of bolts and nuts on any valves or flanges can be a time consuming and a dangerous job when not done correctly. With the right equipment, no bolting challenge is too big or too small. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can improve productivity through advancement in bolting.


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Supply Chain Management

Administrative work such as sourcing goods and services can be a hidden cost that nobody notices & neglects. We understand the need of reducing expenditure from your supply chain. Imagine a seamless and worry-free supply chain where all items sourcing and proposals are handled from A-Z. With our experience and proficient procurement team, we will source, consolidate and repackage all materials for delivery to anywhere and do our best to match your target capital expenditure on any given project. Our services don’t stop there, we take a step further with our after sales services. With our experience & knowledgeable in-house team, even after the delivery of the products, we are able to provide technical expertise and recommended solutions to streamline the process together with our value added services.


In everything we do, we believe in sustainability. We believe the key to a sustainable organization is efficiency. We believe that efficiency is created by challenging problems. The way we optimize efficiency is by working with our partners to get a clear understanding on the gaps and issues in every operation. Subsequently designing and providing a solution from our purposefully curated portfolio of maintenance and production solutions. We are driven by the problems and we dedicate our resources to provide the best quality in our product and services, to position all our partners to achieve a potential and a sustainable growth on yield. We have operated with these beliefs since 1984 and will continue to apply these values in everything we do. We strive work with our partners on all aspect, from the production & maintenance line to lowering operational expenditure to ensuring the safety of the people putting in their dedication everyday as we aspire to be a your one stop industrial solution partner.


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