USAG® : An Italian Quality Professional Tools 


Since 1926, USAG brand was established founded by Hermann Amos, the man who built the first manufacturing plant in Gemonio, Italy under the name Utensileria Società Anonima Gemonio. USAG began to manufacture and operate in the professional tools. With the synergies that have come from mergers over the years, USAG is continuously growth through maximizing production facilities and the sharing of technology, logistics and marketing capabilities. USAG has always aimed to meet the needs of all workers and professionals. 

TOMAC MALAYSIA: USAG Official Distributor in Malaysia


At TOMAC Malaysia as online shop of professional tools where you can find all the USAG Tools! For more than 90 years experience in production of professional tools to the globe, USAG always produced top quality professional equipment that ensures an outstanding results, durability and complete safety in use.


TOMAC Malaysia offers the widest selection of professional tools available online with over 50,000 SKUs work tools of the highest quality, which can be purchased with just one click wherever you are. Any inquiries just have to contact our experienced sales team support to guide you from choosing the right tools until the usability of the tools. 


Despite of that, TOMAC Malaysia also offer you the opportunity to get USAG catalogue complete with all the news for your purchase guidance. 

USAG High Quality Tools for Professionals


In term of professional, USAG has always been linked its brand and tools to the most significant Ducati Corse, Ferrari and Red Bull all over the world. Collaborations of this caliber have allowed USAG to be always at the forefront in the supply of innovative professional tools and in the ability to propose solutions that adapt to the needs of end users. USAG technology improvements is drive from the partnership with the pros which leads creation of new products that contribute to the world.


Furthermore, USAG is an ECOSMART brand, committed to improving the sustainability of its production activity and reducing environmental impacts. 

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