KAWASAKI® Official Distributor at Tomac Malaysia

Kawasaki Pneumatic Tools (KPT) were established in 1969 as Kawasaki machinery Co., Ltd. for over forty four years. Kawasaki (KPT) has been supplying high quality Japanese made automotive and Industrial air tools to customers all over the world. each and every single part quality is carefully controlled in every process until the finish goods and the Japan quality reliable products are delivered around the world.



All tools are made in Japan, using quality materials by skilled workers under strict quality control. KAWASAKI always strive to improve the quality of the products, adopting new technology to keep high quality and competitive price.




More than 200 models are lined up to meet every requirement of operators in various industries, such as automotive aftermarket, construction, manufacturing, wood working and etc. KAWASAKI will expand the range of products based on customer requirements.



Any KAWASAKI Professional Air Tools that is purchase from TOMAC MALAYSIA is warrant with the professional guidance and services. Most of the models are in stocks for prompt delivery. We as a distributor for KAWASAKI tools in Malaysia provide spare parts. Compulsory repair your tools service for after sales to make sure your tools are always ready to go! 


If you have any inquiries about KAWASAKI PROFESSIONAL AIR TOOLS, please do not hesitate to reach us today.

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